The Complete Learner’s Toolkit


Written by Jackie Beere, The Complete Learner’s Toolkit will empower teachers to transform their pupils’ learning and make a positive impact on their personal and emotional development.



Written by Jackie Beere, The Complete Learner’s Toolkit: Metacognition and mindset – equipping the modern learner with the thinking, social and self-regulation skills to succeed at school and in life will empower teachers to transform their pupils’ learning.

Jackie Beere knows that schools have a much more important job to do than simply to prepare children for exams. In this book she hands busy teachers the tools they need to weave personal development into the curriculum in powerful and exciting ways.

The Complete Learner’s Toolkit focuses on the most important skills identified by the World Economic Forum – including critical thinking, emotional intelligence and judgement and decision making – and presents 36 lessons that can either be used as stand-alone sessions or be incorporated into a topic or subject context. Furthermore, they can be employed in whole-class lessons or when working with individuals/small groups who need extra support to become more independent, confident learners.

Jackie has devised each lesson to develop the habits of reflection and metacognition in all learners, setting them up with the skills they will need in order to thrive and the emotional intelligence that will help them pursue a happy future.

To make the most of the material in this book and create the best outcomes for students, Jackie suggests teachers also treat these lessons as personal CPD. Doing so can help embed in teachers’ day-to-day practice the skills and mindsets which this book promotes, and so model them for their students. Teachers can also consider how best to adapt the lessons in this book and how to incorporate the World Economic Forum essential skills within their subject specialisms.

Suitable for use with learners aged 7–16.

The lesson plans in this book are available as editable PDFs sold under an annual licence. For more details contact

Parts of this book were previously published in The Learner’s Toolkit, ISBN 978-184590070-0.

Contents include:

Part 1 – Active learning and learning strategies

Part 2 – Complex problem solving

Part 3 – Critical thinking

Part 4 – Creativity

Part 5 – Leadership and social influence

Part 6 – Emotional intelligence

Part 7 – Judgement and decision making

Part 8 – Service orientation

Part 9 – Negotiation

Part 10 – Cognitive flexibility

Additional information

Page Count

200 pages

Book Dimensions

234 x 184mm


Paperback & eBook



Publication Date

September 2020

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