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Written by Jackie Beere, The Complete Learner’s Toolkit will empower teachers to transform their pupils’ learning and make a positive impact on their personal and emotional development.

The book focuses on the most important skills identified by the World Economic Forum – including critical thinking, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, and judgement and decision-making – and presents more than 30 lessons designed to last up to one hour, all devised to develop the habits of metacognition associated with academic progress.

The Complete Learner’s Toolkit can either be used as a stand-alone intervention or integrated into the curriculum as part of a learning culture. Jackie’s aim in compiling this resource is to develop learners’ independence and resilience, while also improving the quality of teaching and learning as educators commit to a focus on strategies for effective learning.

The activities can be used in whole-class lessons or when working with individuals/small groups who need extra support to become more independent, confident learners.

Parts of this book were previously published in The Learner’s Toolkit, ISBN 9781845900700.

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Page Count

200 pages (est)

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297 x 210mm


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Publication Date

June 2019

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