Full on Learning





Edited by Ian Gilbert.

How to get more out of your learners than they ever thought possible – the definitive guide.

As a teacher it seems you have a choice. You can drill them, spoon-feed them for their exams and send them off to university with a clutch of qualifications and a false sense of invincibility. Or, you can systematically, conscientiously and thoroughly equip them with the skills, attitudes, competencies and habits they will surely need to thrive in the 21st century. As well as a great clutch of exam qualifications. If you are happy with league table positions as the prime motive for your work then the first option is for you. Not this book. However, if you want a comprehensive guide to turning your students into ‘Full On Learners’ ready for whatever the new century throws at them, then you very much do need this powerful new book.

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Page Count

176 pages

Book Dimensions

182 x 222mm


Paperback • E-Book



Publication Date

July 2012

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