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Ian Gilbert

‘It was like watching the world’s most education-oriented stand-up comedian!’. So said a recent delegate at the Teaching Awards where Ian Gilbert was delivering a keynote presentation to the winners, an approach summed by the Independent Thinking mantra – make ‘em laugh, make’ em think.

Since leaving languages teaching in 1993 – a job he was doing as a stepping stone to his work on motivation with young people and because his then mother-in-law told him he needed a trade and what good was a French degree from Durham if you couldn’t mend a leaking tap – Ian has built Independent Thinking into one of the most inspirational and effective educational organisations in the UK and beyond. He has also established himself as a leading educational speaker, practitioner, innovator and an award-winning writer, helping teachers teach so that children can think and learn. From motivation, neuroscience and enterprise skills to creativity, learning and thinking, he has developed tools and ideas that genuinely make a difference to what goes on in the classroom, at the same time directly influencing the approach that many school leaders take to bring out the best in young people and staff alike.

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