Independent Thinking




Edited by Ian Gilbert.

Think for yourself – before someone does it for you.

The first in a new series by and for people who know how important it is to think for yourself. Written by Independent Thinking founder Ian Gilbert, this book is an invaluable collection of reflections, ideas and insights on the nature of learning, thinking, creativity and, drawing on Ian’s experience in three continents, the role education has in changing not only people’s lives but also entire societies. Combining articles published in the UK, Middle East and South America plus examples of his controversial online postings and Tweets with new observations and insights – and at least 100 Twittered Thunks or Twunks – this book is the informed ramblings of a passionate educationalist who has made a significant difference to classrooms for over 20 years and has earned the right to speak his mind.

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Page Count

224 Pages

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200 x 200mm


Paperback • E-Book



Publication Date

December 2013

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