Tiny Voices Talk: Education, Engagement, Empowerment




A book full of tips, insights and practical approaches pooled from little-known educators with big ideas and all geared towards making a difference for your pupils in your setting.

When tiny voices talk, three amazing things happen: they share surprising ideas and insights; they realise they are not so tiny; and they empower other tiny voices to talk too.

Drawing on the winning formula of her Tiny Voice Talks podcasts, Toria Bono has compiled a great resource full of top tips and actionable advice from a range of tiny voices across the educational spectrum. The assembled voices speak on a broad range of topics relating to education and learner development – from mentoring, metacognitive skills and period education, to trauma-informed practice, nurturing curious learners and finding flow in the classroom.

But, above all, this book urges all those in our schools who have yet to find their voice to find it – and use it. There are big people with big voices (and big egos) in education, yet they are the minority. The majority consists of great people just getting on with doing great things – more often than not with people, not data, at the heart of their practice. This book inspires such people to find and use their voice; and when tiny voices talk to tiny voices, everyone wins.

In Tiny Voices Talk, Toria outlines contributors’ ideas concerning the ins and outs of teaching, inclusion, and professional and personal development, sharing their insightful stories from the world of education. The book reinforces the message that if teachers are empowered to use their voices, then they are more likely to empower young people to use theirs too. Toria offers a practical guide for situations that teachers may face/be facing throughout their careers, and how they can be navigated within the realities of their day-to-day jobs in a variety of settings.

Suitable for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders in all phases.

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October 2022

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