As we like to say at Independent Thinking, 25 years old this year, we use our words.

Whether it’s through speaking to children, students, teachers, school leaders and more the world over, or through our award-winning books and resources, we aim to use those words to reassure educators everywhere that there is always another way.

No matter what they tell you.

Independent Thinking is unique in a number of ways, especially in our collaboration with Crown House Publishing to create the Independent Thinking Press. Through this cooperation, we bring into print the words of some of the UK’s most inspiring and entertaining educational speakers, thinkers, innovators, practitioners and, yes, let’s use that word, mavericks.

It’s not our job to tell you what to do – the clue’s in the name – but rather to take your brain for a walk and to help you see yourself, them, education and the world with new eyes, new enthusiasm and new possibilities.

That way education moves forward and does so with people, not data, at its heart.

I do hope you enjoy our words, however you come across them.

We can’t do it without you.

Ian Gilbert, Founder of Independent Thinking Ltd.