Young, Gifted and Bored




Edited by Ian Gilbert.

How to make sure we are not failing some of our most successful students.

This is a book about how to get more out of a much-overlooked element of every class – the ‘gifted underachievers’. While scoring top marks might be a challenge for some, for others it is no challenge at all. So for some of our students, getting ten out of ten consistently means we are not trying hard enough. Many highly gifted and tremendously talented children are bored and frustrated in class. Many are not achieving their potential and their talents are not only going unrecognised, they are going to waste. Written by world-renowned G&T expert David George, this practical guide will challenge, excite and inspire teachers and show them how they can identify and provide for the needs of these children. And help all children learn better in the process.

Additional information

Page Count

184 pages

Book Dimensions

246 x 189mm


Paperback • E-Book



Publication Date

March 2011

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