David George

If there is one man who has done the most to raise the profile of gifted and talented children in the UK and around the world then it is Dr David George. And Independent Thinking is delighted that he has chosen to become one of our Associates. The whole G&T issue, when done properly, is not about elitism or favouritism but about finding the talents and gifts that all children may have and working to bring that special quality out of the child. As a world-renowned speaker, academic and the writer of many books on the subject, David has been at the forefront of helping schools do the G&T thing right and do it well.

But don’t take our word for it! This is what one delegate felt after hearing David speak at a recent conference he delivered for Independent Thinking:

‘I felt I had to contact you to thank you so much for your inspirational presentation yesterday at the Spring Conference. I am sure I will remember it for the rest of my life. If only there were more people as passionate as you are about the development and nurturing of our children, I am sure there would be less conflict in the world and all achievements would be recognised no matter how small… You must inspire everyone you speak to and you certainly inspired me and I wanted you to know that.’


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