Independent Thinking On Emotional Literacy


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Publication due: January 29, 2021

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Shares an approach that will help educators boost their pupils’ emotional literacy, with the broader aim of nurturing a more grounded, engaged and intrinsically motivated child.

Foreword by Ian Gilbert.

Do teachers truly understand their pupils? And do the pupils themselves really understand their own needs?

In Independent Thinking on Emotional Literacy, Richard Evans reminds every school educator that behind every child is a set of circumstances so entwined – and within them a set of emotions so involved – that to ignore them is to be complicit in any educational failings.

Richard’s aim in this book is to help improve and harness both the educator’s and their pupils’ emotional literacy by promoting discussion around the often-unspoken issues that prevent children from making progress at school. He also shares with teachers a tailor-made passport template to start them on the road to deeper pupil understanding – whether it’s for the girl who falls asleep at the back, the boy who needs constant support on a daily basis, or those pupils who’ll need extra careful attention at parents’ evening.

Independent Thinking on Emotional Literacy is one of a number of books in the Independent Thinking On … series from the award-winning Independent Thinking Press.

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January 2021