Independent Thinking on Teaching and Learning



Jackie Beere’s Independent Thinking on Teaching and Learning: Developing independence and resilience in all teachers and learners is a practical guide full of educational wisdom to help teachers make a genuine difference to the lives of every young person in their classroom.

Foreword by Ian Gilbert.

All the evidence shows that the most valuable asset in any classroom is the teacher at the front. No matter what changes are made to systems or to the curriculum, one certainty remains: children will be helped or hindered in their learning, job prospects, life chances and, indeed, happiness by the teachers they come across during their time in the education system.

In this all-encompassing book on teaching and learning, Independent Thinking Associate Jackie Beere draws on her many years’ experience as a teaching assistant, primary teacher and secondary head teacher to re-energise every teacher’s passion for their profession.

She champions both children and teachers as learners, and – together with expert advice on how to instil the habits of independent learning in all pupils – shares great practice that delivers outstanding outcomes for all educators.

Jackie encourages teachers to embrace challenge and change, and suggests ways in which they can provide a model for their pupils when it comes to developing independence and resilience. She also offers expert guidance on how teachers can build rapport with their students and cultivate with them a sense of co-ownership of their learning journey so that they work hard, value their learning and fulfil their potential.

Essential reading for all teachers and school leaders who wish to make an impact on the teaching and learning in their school.

Independent Thinking on Teaching and Learning contains some material previously published in The Perfect Lesson (ISBN 9781781352441) and The (Practically) Perfect Teacher (ISBN 9781781352526), and is one of a number of books in the Independent Thinking On … series from the award-winning Independent Thinking Press.

Contents include:
Chapter 1: Unleashing Your Teacher Power
Chapter 2: Taking Control Using Metacognition
Chapter 3: How to Deliver a Great Lesson
Chapter 4: Managing the Classroom – Prepare to Be Present and Take Control
Chapter 5: Assessment Is Learning
Chapter 6: Learning That Sticks and Grows
Chapter 7: The Power of Peer Coaching
Chapter 8: What Do I Need to Do Next to Be a Great Teacher?

Independent Thinking on Teaching and Learning has been shortlisted for the Educational Book Award in the 2021 Education Resources Awards!

Additional information

Page Count

240 pages

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198 x 126mm





Publication Date

March 2020

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