Never Mind the Inspectors





Edited by Ian Gilbert.

A professional two-fingered salute to the corporate classroom and a kick up the backside to teachers everywhere who feel they can no longer be creative, take risks and go for it.

In the brave new world of the corporate classroom where we have to teach by rote so that the children can learn in a similar manner, it is easy to run scared of the powers that be and teach in a safe, predictable way. Well, you know what? Stuff the system, stuff the ‘teaching by numbers’ rulebook and, yes, stuff the inspectors. Stick it to the Man by creating memorable teaching and learning experiences, putting children at the heart of all you do and making every lesson a quiet riot. And take inspiration from this book, written by a successful teacher who is doing just that. As Sid Vicious said, ‘Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE’.

Additional information

Page Count

176 pages

Book Dimensions

210 x 148mm


Paperback • E-book



Publication Date

May 2014

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