Leadership with a Moral Purpose





Edited by Ian Gilbert.

The complete guide to ‘inside-out’ leadership.

Ever made an inspector tingle? This book will show how you – and the school that you lead – can do just do that. By helping you explore why you came into the job in the first place, it will help you rediscover (maybe even discover) your moral purpose and how to use it to drive school improvement. Will Ryan is a highly experienced and successful head teacher and senior advisor who knows a thing or two when it comes to leading creative, happy and effective schools. This best-selling book has helped hundreds of school leaders reconnect with the idea that, despite what the government would have you believe, there is a great deal more to success than results, league tables and blindly obeying the latest missive coming from on high.

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Page Count

224 pages

Book Dimensions

182 x 222mm


Paperback • E-Book



Publication Date

September 2008

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