Thinking Allowed On Schooling




One of the UK education’s most influential players tells it how it is.

Mick Waters has consistently been a down-to-earth voice in the increasingly complex world of education for many years. He has regularly endeared himself to school communities in the UK and overseas by talking the sort of sense they needed to hear – practical, challenging, inspiring, insightful, engaging. His unique perspective, closeness to the classroom and ability to see innovation in terms of its impact on learners mean his views are always worth listening to. In this long-awaited book, Mick tells it how it is. The things he believes in. The things he wants to see differently. Wry reflections, humorous insights, astute asides and simple ideas to change the system – and the future – for young people everywhere. This is the book you have been waiting for.

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Page Count

352 pages

Book Dimensions

135 x 216mm


Paperback • E-Book



Publication Date

April 2013

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