The Perfect (Ofsted) Science Lesson




Edited by Jackie Beere.

Have you ever sat in a science classroom as either a pupil or an observer and been bored? John has, but it should never have happened. Science can be the most absorbing, engaging, gross, fascinating, smelly, exciting, practical, electrifying, challenging and explosive subject in the curriculum. No other subject can – literally – make your hair stand on end!

John draws on his years of experience as a science learner, teacher and trainer to reveal the habits and mindsets of great science learners and teachers – and shows how these mindsets and habits can be taught. He gives clear guidance (referenced to Ofsted advice on outstanding practice) on engaging starters, success criteria, motivational lesson activities, effective plenaries and powerful feedback which will show that crucial progress over time.

This book really will make your lessons go with a bang!

For all primary and secondary science teachers. Essential reading whether you are a trainee teacher, newly qualified or more experienced and looking for fresh ideas. The Perfect (Ofsted) Science Lesson shows you how to: hook pupils into learning. Deliver consistently engaging lessons. Get more from your curriculum time. Establish routines and good learning habits. Keep motivation and attainment levels high. Make your practicals more productive. Use feedback your practice. Deliver consistently outstanding lessons.

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Page Count

176 pages

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174 x 124mm


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Publication Date

November 2014

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