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An insider’s guide to making the teaching of modern foreign languages (MFL) effective, exciting, inclusive and relevant.

Learning a new language has the power to transform a life, as well as help break down the barriers that seem to be re-emerging between nations, cultures and people. Yet few people in the UK look back on their MFL lessons with fondness, and even fewer can go beyond the basics of bitte, por favor or s’il vous plait when they do attempt to stretch their foreign tongues.
They would, however, if they’d had Crista Hazell as their teacher.

Drawing on her many years of experience as an MFL teacher, head of department and senior leadership team member, Crista takes teachers on a tour of how to get the teaching of a new language right. From how to hook students in the minute they enter the classroom to ensuring that the vocabulary sticks, Crista shares tips, techniques and inspirational ideas geared to help teachers build confidence, increase enjoyment and improve outcomes as they take their MFL teaching to a whole new level.

Independent Thinking on MFL is one of a number of books in the Independent Thinking On … series from the award-winning Independent Thinking Press.

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November 2019

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