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Written by Martin Illingworth, Forget School: Why young people are succeeding on their own terms and what schools can do to avoid being left behind is a wide-reaching, engaging enquiry into the things that young people actually need from their education.

Schools are at a crossroads: either they respond to the real world of change, challenges and possibilities that face young people, or they become irrelevant.

Young people need to network effectively, manage their finances responsibly, and be digitally proficient and alert to the world around them. If schools do not adapt their provision to nurture these capabilities, then today’s youth will increasingly turn to alternative sources to seek out the education they need.

Drawing on the experiences of young self-employed adults, Martin Illingworth’s Forget School shares key insights into the ways in which education can be recalibrated to better support young people. In doing so he provides practical suggestions around how schooling culture, curriculum design and pedagogical approaches can be reconfigured in readiness for the emerging shifts and trends in 21st century life and employment.

Martin sheds light on how young people perceive school’s current provision, and offers greater insight into what they think needs to change if education is to work for generations to come. He also explores the importance of digital proficiency in the 21st century and how young people, as digital natives, both acquire it and leverage its benefits independently of school instruction.

Essential reading for anyone working in education.

Contents include:
Chapter 1: Confidence
Chapter 2: Digital proficiency
Chapter 3: Connections
Chapter 4: Money management
Chapter 5: Happiness and well-being
Chapter 6: Relationships
Chapter 7: Developing talents
Chapter 8: Making decisions and being creative
Chapter 9: Ethics
Chapter 10: ‘Qualifications’
Chapter 11: Discrimination
Chapter 12: What do children need to know in fifteen years’ time?
Chapter 13: What can schools do right now to avoid being left behind?
Chapter 14: ‘Final decisions are made in silent rooms’

Additional information

Page Count

200 pages (est)

Book Dimensions

222 x 182mm


Paperback & eBook



Publication Date

March 2020

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