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Guerrilla Teaching is a revolution. Not a flag-waving, drum-beating revolution, but an underground revolution, a classroom revolution. It’s not about changing policy or influencing government; it’s about doing what you know to be right, regardless of what you’re told. It’s sound advice for people on the ground: people in real classrooms, working with real children, trying to make a real difference. Guerrilla Teachingby Jonathan Lear is packed with ideas to refresh teaching practice – combining direct teaching with creative child-led learning – and forge cross-curricular links to create engaging, motivating and fun learning experiences. Ultimately, Guerrilla Teaching is about making a difference. It’s a book Jonathan Lear never meant to write, but it was just too important not to. Guerrilla: to be a member of an unofficial group of combatants using the element of surprise to harass a larger less mobile target.Guerrilla teaching:•  To put children, and their learning, at the heart of lessons.

•  To embrace problem-solving and risk-taking in the classroom.

•  To be adaptable and creative.

•  To think about the skills and knowledge children will need in the future.

• To stand up and make sure children get the education they deserve (even if it means subverting the system!).

Filled with thoughts, ideas and strategies that will help to develop creativity and creative thinking in the primary classroom, Guerrilla Teaching is for trainee teachers, new teachers, teaching assistants, experienced teachers and head teachers – there’s something for everyone!

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216 pages


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August 2015

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