Becoming Mobius





Edited by Ian Gilbert.

Across the world educators and policy makers are reaching for solutions to the very slippery problem of how to ensure consistency and quality in our education systems. There is an unwillingness to accept and live with uncertainty and yet each solution throws up more problems – many of them unexpected. This is because education, indeed the human brain, is a complex adaptive system in which outcomes emerge as more than a sum of their component parts.

Drawing predominantly on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, Becoming Mobius argues that teachers can and should learn to love uncertainty and complexity; that they should seek to become pedagogical activists working within a system while remaining outside of it – becoming like a Mobius strip both in and out. It argues that the interesting stuff in classrooms exists in the minute details, the pivotal moments of interactions, in relationships and in the affective dimension and that having faith in becoming attuned, to listening to the “gutterances” of others leads teaching into a new world of possibility.

This is an honest, challenging and incredibly profound book that makes you stop and think – deeply – about what you do, why you do it and the effect it has. You will never look at teaching in the same light again.

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Page Count

224 pages

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Publication Date

June 2015

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