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The Little Book of Inspirational Teaching Activities

The Little Book of Inspirational Teaching Activities

David Hodgson

A little book with a big collection of great ideas to inspire and motivate all learners.

Sometimes with books the title is the blurb. This is a case in point. It’s a little book. It’s full of activities. And they’re inspirational. Er, that’s it. Without wishing to over-egg the pudding, we could add that it contains an array of powerful activities developed by David in his work with young people all over the country. Split into four sections – Believe in yourself; Know yourself; Have a plan; Go for it! – they are short, easy to follow and they work. Each section has 13 activities and includes techniques drawn from areas including NLP, learning theories and multiple intelligences. Each activity comes with detailed instructions, follow-on exercises plus hints and examples of the ways the material has been used effectively, all written in David’s inimitable wry style.

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124 x 174mm
224 pages
Hardback • E-Book