The Little Book of Charisma




Edited by Ian Gilbert.

Like magic, charisma isn’t magic – this book reveals the secrets of the most charismatic teachers.

Charismatic teachers are a joy to behold. They seem to win over a class effortlessly, produce great results consistently and get the most ‘Thank You Teacher’ cards at the end of term. But rather than wondering what it is they have that you haven’t, you should reflect instead on what they do that you don’t. This book, from a man who is as charismatic as he is quietly unassuming, is a breathless, informative and funny journey through all of the factors that help create charisma – from the six rules of influence and how to avoid the arrogance trap to which emotions win over an audience (and in which order) and how to avoid being manipulated by the sort of people who write the blurb for books. Buy it today!

Additional information

Page Count

144 pages

Book Dimensions

124 x 174mm


Hardback • E-Book



Publication Date

October 2010

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