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The Little Book of Music for the Classroom

The Little Book of Music for the Classroom

Nina Jackson

The complete why, what and how of using music to improve learning and motivation in your classroom.

If you ever want to start a fight in the staffroom then bring up the question of using music in the classroom. If you want to settle that perennial dispute then this is the book to do it with. Music can and does improve learning and motivation in the classroom. Don’t let them tell you otherwise as we have the research to prove it and, with this book in your hand, you do now too. Nina’s groundbreaking research has proven how music can be of benefit for learning and motivation in all classrooms and this book, simply and effectively, tells you what music to use, when and why. So, put away your whale song CD and your James Last box set and explore how music really can transform your classroom.

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124 x 174mm
160 pages
Hardback • E-Book