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Hywel Roberts

Helping children to learn despite their best intentions to the contrary.

Lies, deceit, traps and trickery – in fact, everything you need to get children to learn despite themselves. This book is about engaging learners in great learning so well they barely know they are learning, let alone learning well. Drawing on Hywel’s years of experience using drama and ‘The Mantle of the Expert’ (and much more besides) to draw the best out of young people, this book is about the dance that happens between teachers and learners, it’s about the importance of relationships in that engagement, it’s about how to build and sustain rapport with learners. And it’s about finding a delight and a joy in the process of learning, enhanced by those spontaneous, serendipitous events that help you remember just why you came into the job in the first place.


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156 x 195mm
208 pages
Paperback • E-Book