The Kindness Principle


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Publication due: May 28, 2021

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Sets out how schools can establish and sustain a behaviour management approach rooted in values, acceptance and a genuine understanding of childrens behaviour. 

This book is about behaviour in schools  the behaviour of everyone – starting with the leaders and including every adult that forms any sort of relationship with children.  

The Kindness Principle begins with relationships at the heart of behaviour management and culture, and explores how ethos and values underpin the work that teachers and leaders do to create safe and happy schools: where all staff and learners are valued and understood, where expectations and standards are high, and where kindness and understanding children matter.  

Dave Whitaker explores why it is so important to understand children – offering techniques, advice and guidance on how to work effectively with the most challenging and troubled kids without an over-reliance on zero tolerance, no excuses and consequencedriven practices. And, by drawing on the real-life experiences of professionals working in some of the most challenging schools in the country, Dave also looks at addressing the cause of bad behaviour other than just focusing on the symptoms.       

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May 2021