The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement


Shares practical solutions relating to school–parent engagement and communication based on insights gathered from some of the hardest-to-reach parents.



In The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement: Empowering schools to connect better with parents and pupils, Justin Robbins and Karen Dempster share practical solutions relating to school–parent engagement and communication.

This groundbreaking book promotes parental engagement as a planned, sustained and integral part of a school’s approach to improving standards. An approach which starts with the school vision and positions parents and schools equally as fundamental to student learning.

Justin and Karen describe the challenges of successful parental engagement – encompassing both traditional methods and the use of technology – and examine these challenges through the four pillars of knowledge, environment, culture and communication.

Based on insights gathered from some of the hardest-to-reach parents, this book covers all aspects of the parent–pupil–school relationship and provides a wide-ranging toolkit of practical approaches and strategies that will enable this relationship to thrive.

The authors recognise that before any school can expect parental engagement as a ‘given’, there must be knowledge of the what, why, when, where and how concerning effective interaction – and in this book Justin and Karen present a range of case studies and new perspectives drawn from their primary research and proprietary school communication approach.

Ultimately, the book sets out the various components of a holistic plan geared towards achieving long-term and sustainable results, and a shared passion to ensure that pupils can be the very best versions of themselves when they leave school. After all, the evidence shows that when families engage with the school’s vision and provision, it is the children that ultimately benefit.

Suitable for school leaders and leadership teams in both primary and secondary settings.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement Model

Chapter 2: Where Are You Now?

Chapter 3: Where Do You Go From Here?

Chapter 4: Pillar 1: Knowledge

Chapter 5: Pillar 2: Environment

Chapter 6: Pillar 3: Culture

Chapter 7: Pillar 4: Communication

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August 2021

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