Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice


A practical and inspiring introduction to the use of restorative practice in schools to improve behaviour, foster a more caring culture and forge relationships that work.


In Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice: Building relationships, improving behaviour and creating stronger communities, Mark Finnis shares a practical and inspiring introduction to the use of restorative practice in educational settings.

For those educators who are uncomfortable with the punitive world of zero tolerance, isolation booths and school exclusions, Mark Finnis – one of the UK’s leading restorative practice experts – is here to show you that there is another way.

Drawing on his many years’ experience working with schools, social services and local governments across the country, Mark shares all you need to know about what restorative practice is, how it works, where to start and the many benefits of embedding a relational approach into any educational organisation that genuinely has people at its heart.

Covering coaching circles and the power of doing things with (and not to) children and young people, to moving your values off lanyards and posters and into the lived experience of every member of the school community, this book sets out how restorative practice – when done well – can transform every aspect of school life.

The book shares advice on how to put behaviour right when it goes wrong in a more positive, less punitive way, and, more importantly, on how to get it right and keep it right in the first place. Furthermore, it advocates an approach that is collaborative, empowering and positive – and ultimately geared to improve motivation, engagement and independent learning in even the hardest-to-reach young people.

Suitable for school leaders, educators and anyone working with young people.

Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice is one of a number of books in the Independent Thinking On … series from the award-winning Independent Thinking Press.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Developing a Restorative Mindset

Chapter 2: Culture, Community and Relationships

Chapter 3: Restorative Conversations and Language

Chapter 4: Restorative Circles

Chapter 5: Restorative Meetings and Conferences

Chapter 6: Practice Sustainability

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March 2020

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