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Get both of Hywel Roberts’ bestselling books, Botheredness® and Oops! in a special bundle deal for just £25.00!

Oops! Helping children learn accidentally is about engaging learners in great learning. It’s about the dance that happens behind positive engagement – the cool moves and steps a teacher needs to choreograph in order to create a context where great learning can happen – and about the importance of relationships in engagement and how rapport can be learned. The book also shines a spotlight on the role of the teacher and how he or she can do the right things to get the absolute best from students.

This book lures learners in great learning so well that they barely know they are learning, let alone learning well, with practical examples of how it can be done and how Hywel has successfully done it. Reading this book will support teachers in developing ideas that motivate everybody in the classroom, from infants to secondary and beyond.

Whether you’re new to teaching or have vast experience you will find in this book inspiration to raise achievement, improve behaviour and enhance creativity in the classroom; and you will change the way you approach lesson planning forever.

: Stories, stance and pedagogy is a funny, engaging and rapturous read that will inspire teachers to reclaim their professional imagination and reignite the excitement they felt when they entered the teaching profession. Botheredness® is a word Hywel first wrote about in Oops! This book is intended to take things further; to offer opportunities to think beyond a path laid out by scripted lessons, downloadable schemes and slavish quick-fix fads, and perhaps move into more uncharted territories.

This is an education book that is like no other that has gone before. It won’t tell you what to do minute by minute, lesson by lesson, day by day. It won’t batter you with impenetrable research or tell you what you must think. You won’t even find a scheme of work in it – some planning ideas, for sure, even a template or two, but there’s no spoon-feeding here. It’s just a book that invites you to consider where you are in your own educational journey. It’s a book to get you bothered.

Botheredness® is a word Hywel Roberts uses to sum up the kind of authentic care and adult positioning that is real and deliberate and gets children and young people on board with learning. It is the holy grail of teaching and something that will both significantly improve your enjoyment of teaching and benefit your classes enormously.

Providing clear strategies around imaginative and effective planning, supported by genuine examples of powerful classroom work from primary, special and secondary settings, this book is an essential guide to reclaiming your professional warmth, passion, and care – your botherednesss – in the classroom.

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