Julie Rees (née Duckworth)

If, as the research suggests, learning is ‘state dependent’ – that the way we feel and the environment we are in will determine how well we learn more than anything else – what can we do to make sure that we have the best possible climate for learning in our schools?

The answer to this challenge is something that Julie Rees has been working on for many years (even when she was Worcester City Football Club’s Under 11s football coach) and with ‘Values Education’ it looks like she has found what she has been looking for.

Julie, in her second headship, is at Ledbury Primary School, her first post leading a primary school facing all the challenges of a deprived rural area. The Values Education approach she has brought to both schools, something that originated in Oxfordshire, has radically transformed the quality of life for all children and staff.

For a month at a time the school focuses on one of a range of 22 distinct values such as trust, responsibility, courage and, yes, even love, in a way that goes far beyond the normal lip service we give these important factors, where an assembly and a ‘Thought for the Day’ on the school newsletter means we can tick ‘Tolerance’ off our list and whose turn is it to do ‘Humility’ this year…?

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