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The Book of Thunks

The Book of Thunks®

Ian Gilbert

300 more of those intriguingly annoying questions that have the power to change everything.

The Book of Thunks will definitely shake up your templates, rattle your thought routines and force you to think about things differently. The follow-up for a wider audience to Ian’s award-winning Little Book of Thunks, The Book of Thunks is packed full of 300 more of those gob-smacking little questions that make you think, make you see the world with different eyes and, yes, make your brain really, really hurt. With Thunks for everyone like ‘If I don’t notice the cow when I drive past it is it invisible?’ and ‘Can an ant see a mountain?’ (not to mention some for adults such as ‘Would it be wrong to have sex with a dog in an online virtual world?’) this the perfect book to fire up your brain cells.

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124 x 174mm
152 pages
Hardback • E-Book