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There Is Another Way

The Second Big Book of Independent Thinking

Edited by Ian Gilbert with chapters by Mark Anderson, Lisa Jane Ashes, Bethan Baëz-Devine, Phil Beadle, Jackie Beere, David Cameron (The Real David Cameron), Paul Clarke, Tait Coles, Mark Creasy, Mark Finnis, Dave Harris, Crista Hazell, Martin Illingworth, Nina Jackson, Rachel Jones, Gill Kelly, Debra Kidd, Jonathan Lear, Trisha Lee, Roy Leighton, Matthew McFall, Sarah Pavey, Simon Pridham, Jim Roberson, Hywel Roberts, Martin Robinson, Dave Whitaker and Phil Wood.

We are living at a time when loud voices from inside and outside the profession are telling teachers and school leaders ‘this’ is the way education should be done. This is how you should lead a school. This is how you should manage a class. This is how children should learn. This is what you should do to make children behave. These messages are given as if there is only one way to achieve these things – their way.

However, with decades of experience working in all types of school around the globe, the many associates of Independent Thinking know there is always another way.

This book is for educators everywhere who are hearing these loud voices yet who know that children deserve something better. Full of inspiration and ideas for how to achieve just that, There is Another Way is a call to action to swim against the tide and reclaim the heart of education.

All of the royalties from sales of this book will go to the Big i Foundation.


Also available to purchase in paperback, ISBN 9781781353097, £16.99:

200 x 200mm
200 pages
Hardback, Paperback & eBook