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Little Owl’s Book of Thinking

Little Owl’s Book of Thinking

Ian Gilbert

One small owl’s journey of discovery – the perfect introduction to thinking for yourself for children of all sizes.

Little Owl’s Book of Thinking squeezes years of research, teaching, wisdom and experience into seven chapters, two owls and a whole forest of woodland creatures (but no small sheep). Ian Gilbert’s first book for Independent Thinking (and the only one he has ever written on a train) is a perennial favourite with children, teachers and parents and has been translated into several languages (including Hebrew and Arabic). Written for his son who still hasn’t read it, it follows Benny the Owlet (‘an owlet is a little owl, like a piglet is a little pig, and an outlet is a little out but not all the way’) as his father teaches him about learning, thinking and being himself. The perfect introduction to thinking skills, learning, wisdom and life in a tree.

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124 x 174mm
96 pages
Hardback • E-Book