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365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm …

Sparky Teaching

Everything you need to get the whole class thinking – one year at a time.

Good teachers know that in order to have children learning, first of all you need to have children thinking. And the better that thinking, the better the learning. This engaging, entertaining and visually striking book is full of simple, practical and proven ideas, tasks, tools and strategies do just that – make children of all abilities to stop, think, reflect, ponder and wonder. Drawing on the success of the 365 Things web page, this book will start the cognitive ball rolling across a whole range of disciplines including numeracy, literacy, problem solving, decision-making, interpersonal skills and critical thinking. So, before you get to that all-important ‘a-ha’ moment, let this book help you with those overlooked, but equally important, moments where you all just go ‘hmmm …’

140 x 180mm
200 pages
Paperback • E-Book