Because of You, This is Me


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Publication due: July 1, 2024

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Edited by Ian Gilbert.

Pinpoints and celebrates the vital role that educators have in instilling ambitious resilience – both in their learners and themselves.

Growing up in poverty, and neglected and abused by her own parents, Jaz Ampaw-Farr was destined to become a statistic. Her story was changed, however, by a handful of teachers who made the point of putting human connection first – despite the challenges of the education system.

Because of these people, Jaz went on to become a teacher, writer and international speaker who, through celebration and provocation, engages and galvanises educators into embracing the difference that they can make when they put being a human first too. In Because Of You, This is Me Jaz shares her story – often harrowing but always uplifting – to show the ways in which the everyday heroes in our schools can empower those children who need their help the most.

Suitable for all educators.


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Page Count

200 pages (est)

Book Dimensions

234 x 156mm


Hardback & Ebook



Publication Date

January 2024

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