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Peter Worley and Andrew Day

Thoughtings … is a poetry, collection with a difference.

They are not poems, or at least, not in the traditional sense of the word… they are ‘Thoughtings’.

An entirely new term. A ‘thougthing’ is a kind of poem specifically designed around a particular puzzle or problem that might be thought more philosophy than poetry.

They are more like what in music are called etudes, or studies (e.g. Chopin’s Etudes, Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, or, perhaps a clearer analogy because of the pedagogical aspect would be Bartok’s Microcosmos or Leo Brouwer’s Estudio Sencillos or Simple Etudes). Each etude has a specific technical or musical aspect that has been singled out for the purposes of study or exercise but each etude is also a stand-alone piece of music in its own right.

196 x 128mm
128 pages