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The Expert Teacher

Using pedagogical content knowledge to plan superb lessons

Darren Mead

edited by Phil Beadle

The Expert Teacher presents an engaging, research-informed view on which teaching strategies work best to provoke long-term learning in students.
‘But what does this look like in a classroom?’ This question generally occurs to interested practitioners when they enquire into evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning. And it is often the case that they get to the end of a teaching manual only to find that the answers still escape them.
In The Expert Teacher, however, Darren Mead provides many of the answers.
A highly respected teacher, Darren has devoted his professional life to attaining pedagogical excellence – and in this book he shares effective tools and techniques that have been tried and tested over many years in the classroom, much to the long-term benefit of his pupils’ learning.
A warning though: this book is not for teachers seeking quick fixes or superficial tricks. The Expert Teacher is for educators who are eager to experience the excitement of knowing and teaching their subject masterfully.



222 x 182mm
300 pages (est)
paperback & eBook
March 2019