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Mick Waters introduces: Learning through a lens: It’s all about photography

Jane Hewitt

A unique book that will transform the way you and your learners look at, think about, and capture the world around you.

‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see’ as Thoreau once said, is one way of summing up this unusual, provocative and inspiring new book by professional photographer and experienced teacher Jane Hewitt. She shows teachers of any discipline how photography is the perfect classroom tool to bring the best out of all children. Through it – and with Jane’s experience and straightforward advice to guide you – teachers can develop children’s confidence, self-esteem, creativity, thinking, leadership and team working and, at the same time, overcome social, cultural and personal obstacles to motivation and learning. In the author’s words ‘Photography provides a vehicle for self-discovery, inspiration and wonder. It gets beneath the surface and beyond the obvious.’ This book shows you how.

210 x 280mm
224 Pages
Paperback • E-Book