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Dr Matthew McFall

What would happen in your school if you had classrooms full of wonder? What would be the effect on learning and motivation if you focussed less on teaching knowledge and more on developing curiosity and wonder in your learners? And, for that matter, what is wonder, what does it feel like to do it and why wonder, anyway?

These are questions that are vexing the quite extraordinary mind of one of Independent Thinking’s newest – and most magical – Associates.

Matthew is a magician who is currently researching for a second doctorate at the Learning Sciences Research Institute and School of Education, University of Nottingham (his first was from Oxford, focussing on humour and ‘twist endings’ in early twentieth-century macabre fiction). He is currently wondering about curiosity, motivation and the use of magic and puzzles as tools for learning and how wonder might be generated in classrooms. It has led to the design of the Wonder Box system – a sequence of playful and unexpected devices designed to surprise, engage, and initiate quests for wonderful objects, artefacts, and experiences. He is also piloting the use of Cabinets of Curiosities and labyrinths as stimuli for engagement and creativity.

By this author:
The Little Book of Awe and Wonder