The Little Book of Laughter




Edited by Ian Gilbert.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, education is far too important to be taken seriously.

We don’t think the observation of laughter in classrooms (or the staffroom) is on the Ofsted checklist. But it should be. Schools can use laughter to develop openness, bravery, teamwork, imagination, creativity and, most of all, improve relationships between students and teachers. In fact there are so many benefits to laughter, including to our physical and mental well-being, we’re surprised Ofsted hasn’t picked up on it. But then, maybe we’re not … Anyway, don’t wait for laughter laws to come in to ensure you make the most of laughter in your school –  this book shows you how to embrace it. Written by two people who know a lot about the topic, this book is the ultimate guide to getting more out of yourself and each other through, well, lightening up a bit.

Additional information

Page Count

160 pages

Book Dimensions

124 x 174mm


Hardback • E-Book



Publication Date

November 2013

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